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ArticleName Scientific-and-methodical framework for identification of weakened zones on ground surface above ore deposits
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.09.07
ArticleAuthor Spitsyn A. A., Imansakipova B. B., Chernov A. V., Kidirbaev B. I.

Satbayev University, Almaty, Kazakhstan:

A. A. Spitsyn, Researcher
N. B. Imansakipova, Candidate for a Doctor's Degree,
A. V. Chernov, Candidate for a Doctor`s Degree
B. I. Kidirbaev, Candidate for a Doctor`s Degree


The paper deals with the task of identifying weakened ground areas above mineral deposits such that these areas are at the early stage of displacement and are yet not determined by instrumental observations. For this purpose, the zoning method has been chosen based on the criterion ratio of the total mining depth to total thickness of rock strata. The method has been successfully used for several years at the Zhezkazgan deposit to assess the geotechnical situation and its development. At the same time, there is a decrease in the accuracy of determining the boundaries of rock mass zones with higher nonuniformity in terms of density. The disadvantage is eliminated by replacing the mining depth by the reduced thickness of overlying rock layers in the above criterion. Problematic areas which are not involved in displacement process are detected by zoning in addition to areas identified by traditional methods on a situational map. Combining the results obtained by various methods can significantly improve the reliability and accuracy of prediction of critical situations. Acquisition, storage and processing of data is carried out in the advanced geo-information model of geomechanical risks (GMRT), which is the basis of a specialized GIS. The model is focused on risk assessment and preventive decisionmaking in the course of underground mineral mining. The developed method of zoning improves reliability and accuracy of hazard prediction and prevention recommendation subject to minimized loss of in-place reserves.
The authors appreciate participation of PhD B. B. Imansakipova, Head of Chair, Satpaev Kazakh National Research Technical University, in this study.

keywords Ground surface, displacement, zoning, risks, monitoring, modeling, geoinformation systems

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