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ArticleName Safe operation of buildings and structures at ore deposits in the Ural
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.09.10
ArticleAuthor Morin S. V.

Ural Division, VNIMI, Yekaterinburg, Russia:

S. V. Morin, Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


The article presents the research data on rock movement and safe operation of buildings and structures in the influence zones of mineral mining in the Ural. The influence exerted by mining operations on the buildings and structures of the processing infrastructure at the Malyshev emerald deposit and on the guarded objects on the ground surface above the Gaya Mine is estimated. The author proposes the assessment procedure for stresses and strains on the ground surface in the area of guarded objects in the territories of base metal ore deposits. The procedure enables determining the maximum subsidence and displacements in downfolds, as well as horizontal deformations and tilting with regard to the applied systems of mining with backfill and caving, and with allowance for steeply dipping faults or open pit mines. Based on the calculations by the proposed procedure, safety of buildings is evaluated in the town of Uchaly subject to underground mining of the Novo-Uchaly deposit. Considering the instrumental monitoring and estimation of displacements and deformation of the ground surface, precautionary measures for civic buildings are prescribed. The spacing of ore body and boundary of dangerous stoping zone on a mine level is recommended to be determined with regard to the rock hardness ratio if the dip angle of tectonic faults is less than 60° and from the geometrical correlation of parameters with allowance for angles of displacements and dip of the ore body in case that faults have dip angles more than 60°. Deformation potential on construction sites above old underground excavations is evaluated. The recommendations on construction of residential and industrial buildings in the undermined areas are developed subject to the presence of voids in rock mass as well as depending on the rate of displacements and deformations on the ground surface.

keywords Mining operations, rocks, displacement, subsidence, deformations, evaluation, buildings, structures, safety, measures

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