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Название Conditions of initiation and growth of rockburst hazard in mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.09.09
Автор Aksenov A. A., Ozhiganov I. A., Gubanov D. V., Blinov E. F.
Информация об авторе

Ural Division, VNIMI, Yekaterinburg, Russia:

A. A. Aksenov, Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, info@ufvnimi.ru
I. A. Ozhiganov, Senior Researcher
D. V. Gubanov, Researcher
E. F. Blinov, Researcher


The article discusses the outcome of the stress analysis in mine areas categorized as rockburst-hazardous. Aimed to examine conditions of initiation and growth of rockburst hazard in rockburst-hazardous mine areas, parameters of the stress state in the adjacent rock mass are determined by measurements using the multipoint hydraulic sensor assembly. As a result, two peaks of the maximum principal stresses are revealed—X1 in the maximum abutment pressure zone and X2 in the adjacent rock mass (destruction zone). Furthermore, it is found that under rockburst hazard, in the maximum abutment pressure zone Х1, the principal compressive stress σ1 acts in the horizontal plane. In the meanwhile, in the adjacent rock mass Х2, the principal compression is vertical. It is proposed to select rockburst hazard precautions by calculating the wanted relief zone and by reducing accumulated elastic energy. The calculation of safe parameters is illustrated in terms of the representative measurements taken in the Kalia mine site of the North Ural Bauxite Mine and in the Gaya Mine. The zones of limiting stress states, given the horizontal stresses exceed the vertical stresses by two times and rocks reach the ultimate stress limit, are estimated using the finite element modeling in the FEM software environment. Using the research findings on rockburst hazard conditions, the mechanism of sidewall failure is revealed in mines. Dynamic failure takes place when stresses in the edge areas of mine workings exceed strength limit of rocks. The resultant zones exist in the force interaction and their instability results in destructions and failure.

Ключевые слова Rockburst hazard, stress state zones, indentation parameters of multipoint hydraulic sensor assembly, mathematical modeling, precautions
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