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ArticleName Advanced seismic monitoring technologies for coal and ore mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.09.08
ArticleAuthor Mulev S. N., Pital M. N., Panin S. F., Tyukhrin V. G.

VNIMI, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

S. N. Mulev, Director of Science
M. N. Pital, Senior Programmer
S. F. Panin, Head of Kuzbass sector,


Raspadskaya Coal Company, Novokuznetsk, Russia:
V. G. Tyukhrin, Engineer


Based on the experience gained in construction of multifunctional systems in mines in Russia, VNIMI has designed a series of modern hardware systems for monitoring investigations, including continuous seismic, geophysical and geomechanical survey. The Geodynamic Monitoring Center of VNIMI has anytime access to coal mines in the South Kuzbass and administers operation of more than seismic stations. Possessing advanced telecommunicative features and IT achievements, the Center provides dynamically hazardous coal mines continuous information on initiation of hazardous seismic events, both natural and induced, as well as on their coordinates and energy. Furthermore, it informs on dynamics of growth of hazardous zones and the related inferences on their causes. Recommendations on prevention of hazardous events are offered in real time to the appropriate services in mines. Based on the designed systems, it is possible to carry out remote processing of current seismic information by skilled operators. Owing to this, it is now possible to analyze geomechanical situation in a mine and, in case of initiation of a higher seismically active zone, using the experience and knowledge of the specialists of the Geodynamic Monitoring Center, to provide on-line recommendations on early precautions to prevent origination and growth of hazardous stress zones and accident risks in rock mass. At the present time, VNIMI’s Center effects day-and-night processing of data from six coal mines in Kuzbass. The supervisory services are e-mailed the monitoring results in the form of maps with marked epicenters of seismic events, daily graphs and diagrams. The applied spectrum of GITS is consistently expanded.

keywords Rockburst hazard, coal mines, seismic monitoring, regional control, control systems, software support, remote access

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