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ArticleName Thickness deviation of hot forged elliptic steel bottoms
ArticleAuthor Yu. D. Gorbunova, G. A. Orlov

Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Yu. D. Gorbunova, Engineer, Post-Graduate
G. A. Orlov, Dr. Eng., Prof., e-mail:


The results of processing of technological data regarding wall thickness variation of elliptic steel bottoms manufactured via hot stamping at “Uralmash” industrial corporation are presented. The main regularities of forming of steel bottoms depending on dimensions, steel grades, technological parameters, presence of cladding layer are described. Statistic processing of experimental data is conducted; the kind of distribution function is substantiated, distribution parameters are calculated, regression relationships of wall thickness distribution along the forming lines are built, reliability of approximation is evaluated. Estimation of process stability and deviation of experimental data is conducted using Shukhart charts. Possibility of decrease of technological addition for compensation of wall thinning in stamping from 15 % to 7 % for austenite steels and to 10 % for bottoms from carbon and lowalloyed steels is shown on the base of conducted researches. Decrease of technological addition provides essential metal saving without any loss of required strength of a vessel or device. Presented values of technological additions are recommended taking into account possible errors of parameters of the technological process, tool wear and other factors.

keywords Hot plate stamping, elliptic bottoms, wall thickness, deviations, statistical processing

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