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ArticleName Hydrochemical technology for processing the ferrous fraction of bauxites
DOI 10.17580/or.2019.04.08
ArticleAuthor Abdulvaliyev R. A., Gladyshev S. V., Pozmogov V. A., Kasymzhanova А. К.

Satbayev University, «Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Beneficiation» JSC (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan):

Abdulvaliyev R. A., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Gladyshev S. V., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Pozmogov V. A., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Kasymzhanova А. К., Leading Engineer,


Studies have been carried out to establish the possibility of processing the ferrous bauxite fraction of the Pavlodar aluminum smelter in the Republic of Kazakhstan recovered by hydrocyclonation, presented in the form of ferruginous sands and dumped in the amount of 450–500 kt per year. The study of the phase composition of these sands using mineralogical, X-ray phase and thermal analyzes demonstrated the presence of 2- and 3-valence iron in various minerals, such as hematite, goethite, magnetite, siderite and pyrite, which indicates the need for a process that would promote the production of a more homogeneous material. The process of hydrochemical treatment was studied for ferrous sands pre-crushed to 0.1 mm in a high-modulus alkaline solution with the caustic modulus of αc = 30 at 240 °C, with the addition of CaO to obtain the molar ratio of CaO/SiO2 in the slurry of 0.5 to 3, with the recovery of a hydrogarnet slime (HGS) suitable for producing iron oxide pigments and cast iron. Under the optimal ferrous sand leaching conditions, the recovery of Al2O3 into the solution was 50.2 %. A black finely dispersed fraction with the particle size of 0.21 μm and density of 2.7 g/cm3 was separated from the HGS by repulping and may be used to obtain the black iron oxide hydrogarnet pigment and prepare pastes for water-dispersion paints. Reduction smelting of the coarse-grained fraction of the slime rendered pig iron corresponding to the grade of L4 (under GOST 4832–95).
Thе work was supported by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for targeted financing No. BR05236406.

keywords Bauxite, ferrous fraction, hydrogarnet slime, iron oxide pigments, reduction smelting, cast iron

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