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Heating and heat treatment
ArticleName Evaluation of properties of refractory products by modeling and imitation methods
ArticleAuthor G. Hackl, D. Moyrer, B. Heinrich, G. Nitzl

RHI Magnesita Leoben (Leoben, Austria):

G. Hackl, Head of R&D Modeling and Simulation, e-mail:
D. Moyrer, Product Manager, Caster Product Technology


RHI Magnesita (Interstop) (Hünenberg, Switzerland):
B. Heinrich, Head of R&D


RHI Magnesita Leoben (Vienna, Austria):
G. Nitzl, Product Manager Casting Technology


The design of refractory products and systems for steel continuous casting machines has a significant impact on the process and product quality. It is necessary to prevent any contamination of the liquid steel during the transfer operation. Refractory products function in extreme conditions, so it is very important to deepen knowledge about the interaction of the process of continuous casting and refractory lining. Examples of acquiring information about such interaction and corresponding conclusions on its improvement based on modeling methods (computational fluid dynamics, water modeling) have been given.

keywords Refractories, caster, modeling, imitation, energy-absorbing element, refractory pipe, tundish, temperature, steel

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