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ArticleName Efficient procedure for rock mass jointing characterization and particle size determination after blasting in open pit mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.08.06
ArticleAuthor Ignatenko I. M., Yanitsky E. B., Dunaev V. A., Konovalov A. V.

Belgorod National University, Belgorod, Russia:

I. M. Ignatenko, Director of the Institute of Earth Sciences, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


VIOGEM Institute, Belgorod, Russia:

E. B. Yanitsky, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Science and Development, Candidate of Geologo-
Mineralogical Sciences,
A. V. Konovalov, Researcher


Belgorod National University, Belgorod, Russia1 ; VIOGEM Institute, Belgorod, Russia2:

V. A. Dunaev1,2, Professor, Doctor of Geologo-Mineralogical Sciences


In surface and underground minig with blasting, the blasting fragmentation quality and useful component distribution in broken-rock disintegration greatly depend on the reliability of initial data on natural characteristics of rock mass, which are, primarily, joiting and hardness of rock mass. The modern technologies and software essentially improve precision of determination of the mentioned parameters. Using field data from the Zhelezny open pit mine, Kovdorsky Mining and Processing Plant, and their computer-aided processing in GIS GEOMIX system, this article authors have developed the procedure for full-scale study of rock mass jointing in pitwalls and determination of particle size in broken rock mass, including the use of quadrocopter. This procedure provides high-resolutio imaging at long distance from an operator since pitwall is photographed at the close proximity unlike the conventional photographic recording of benches using optical telephotolens. The current version of data processing for characterization of rock mas jointing in pitwals using photometry is imporved; the data on particle size determined in brocken rock disintegration by hand-held measurement and by the image interpretation results using modern programs are compared; amd the new procedure of jointing and particle size determination based on laser scanning of pitwall slope and brocken rock disintegration is proposed. The procedure imporves reliability of the obtained paremeters, eliminates man-and-subject contact and shortens in-situ observation period in hazardous zones in ipen pit mines.

keywords Open pit mine, pitwall, jointied, brocken rocks, disintegration, particle size, computer technology, procedure, photometry, laser scanning

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