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ArticleName Determination of static and dynamic stresses in physical models of layered and block rock masses
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.07.02
ArticleAuthor Zuev B. Yu., Zubov V. P., Smychnik A. D.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

B. Yu. Zuev, Head of laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
V. P. Zubov, Head of laboratory, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


K-Potash Service, Kaliningrad, Russia:
A. D. Smychnik, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The known methods and technical means for the study of stresses in models made of equivalent materials (EM) are characterized by large errors when used in small, medium-block and thin-layer models of rock masses. One of the main causes of errors is the discrepancy between the dimensions of sensors arranged in the model and their dynamic ranges while the real possible scale of modeling are 1:20–1:500. In connection with the intensification of underground mining of solid minerals and due to transition of mining operations to the deeper horizons, which is accompanied by qualitative changes in geomechanical behavior of undermined rock strata, it is exceptionally important to obtain reliable information about the distribution and values of static and dynamic stresses in layered and block rock masses. This article substantiates the requirements for the design of sensors and their arrangement in rock mass models made of equivalent materials. The implementation of these requirements allows solving the specified relevant problem in technically feasible scale modeling. An example of sensor design and sensor layout in the model is given.

keywords Modeling methods, devices, stresses, sensors, models of equivalent materials, layered and block rock masses, static and dynamic modes

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