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Rolling and other metal forming processes
Название Universal thin slab casting and rolling unit at the Shougang plant
Автор A. Pigani, P. Bobig, M. Knights
Информация об авторе

Danieli Wean United (Butrio, Italy):

A. Pigani, Product Manager, e-mail: a.pigani@danieli.it
P. Bobig, Director Process Technology,


Danieli Centro Met (Butrio, Italy):
M. Knights, Executive Vice President Sales


Danieli offered a complete package of exceptional quality to ensure optimal process performance and cutting edge equipment in the field of thin slab casing and rolling. This new approach can be seen as the natural evolution of the original Danieli concepts that marked the progress of the thin slab route, namely the application of the vertical-curved design thin slab caster and the dual step rolling which have become a source of inspiration for most of the recent innovations in the industry, confirming the advantage of Danieli’s original ideas. The DUE (Danieli Universal Endless) layout configuration, together with an effective and optimized energy consumption, represent today the most extensive application of Danieli’s concept of flexibility. It enables to perform coil-to-coil, semiendless and endless rolling modes within one single plant. Such plant with productivity 2.1 mln. tpy was ordered by Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (China).

Ключевые слова Casting and rolling unit, caster, tunnel type furnace
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