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Raw Materials for Metallurgical Production
ArticleName Iron ore market review
DOI 10.17580/cisisr.2019.01.01
ArticleAuthor A. Löf, M. Ericsson, O. Löf

Luleå University of Technology (Luleå, Sweden):

Anton Löf, Director, e-mail:
Olof Löf, Senior Analyst


RMG Consulting (Stockholm, Sweden):

Magnus Ericsson, Adjunct Professor


Iron ore prices remained at relatively high levels during 2018. Premia paid for high quality ores increased and are substantial. Global iron ore production is estimated to grow by around  2% in 2018. Sharp cuts in production of un-beneficiated ore have taken place in China during2018. Demand for iron ore in general and for high grade products in particular has however increased. Future developments in China, both in the steel and iron ore industries, will be crucial to the global iron ore markets in 2019. This review is written in March 2019 and incorporates as much as possible figures and trends for the full year 2018, in some cases this is however not yet possible.

keywords Iron ore, global markets, prices, export, import, China, forecast

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