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ArticleName Implementation of concept on underground arrangement of small-scale nuclear plants in project engineering
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.06.13
ArticleAuthor Adamov E. O., Kuznetsov Yu. N.

Dollezhal Scientific Research and Design Institute of Energy Technologies, Moscow, Russia:

E. O. Adamov, Research Manager, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Yu. N. Kuznetsov, Chief Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


It has been commonly recognized this day that the further development of the national power engineering will be based on the atomic energetic given improved ecological safety, external immunity and competitive advantage over other sources of energy. During operation of atomic power stations both in Russia and abroad, a series of sever accidents took place with considerable radioactivity discharge, which stimulated research towards development of enhanced safety reactors based on internal autoprotection principles. This article presents basic postulates of the concept developed with the major contribution from the Institute of Mining, Kola Science Center of the RAS and the Scientific Research and Design Institute of Energy Technologies. The concept consists in enhancement of integrated safety as per small-scale nuclear power plant projects by means of underground arrangement of nuclear power-generating units using isolating properties of enclosing rock mass. The concept of integrated safety of underground reactor facility arrangement, including localization of internal hazard after-effects, physical protection as well as protection from the external natural or manmade disturbance has been implemented in the underground nuclear power plant project engineering for the Krasnoyarsk Integrated Mining and Chemical Works. The key points of the project are given in this article.

keywords Atomic energetics, development strategy, project engineering, small-scale nuclear powergenerating plant, reactor plant VK-300, underground nuclear cogeneration plant, geological and geotechnical conditions, integrated safety

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