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ArticleName New DS designs for directional drilling on the continental shelf
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.05.15
ArticleAuthor Dzhabbarova G. V., Beilyarova G. A., Davari M. A.

Azerbaijan Sate Oil and Industry University, Baku, Azerbaijan:

G. V. Dzhabbarova, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
G. A. Beilyarova, Post-Graduate Student
M. A. Davari, Doctoral Student


The article presents information on the method of directional inclined drilling on the continental shelf. This method provides drilling of inclined holes from offshore platforms using curved water-shutoff drill pipe strings. The entire process of drilling a directional well divided into intervals of buildup, stabilization and decline of curvature is implemented by a non-oriented bottom hole assembly (BHA). With this method of directional drilling, the required initial well curvature to allow stable operation of non-oriented BHA is achieved through the project curvature of the water-shutoff drill pipe string. This drilling technique is advantageous over the method of hole-making using an oriented BHA in the well interval of curvature buildup. A typical profile of an inclined well can be divided into intervals of reaching an inclination angle by non-oriented BHA, stabilization and decrease in the inclination angle. For each interval, centralizers are designed and design procedures are developed. The article presents the designs of a float arrangement, centralizer with floating bars, elastic centralizer and a centralizer with variable diameter. The devices feature light weight, simple operation and reliable control over curvature during directional drilling. It can be concluded that the proposed engineering solutions are promising and the presented devices can be used when drilling inclined wells and rat holes. The use of the designed centralizers for drill pipes and downhole motors reduces tripping operations and saves time in directional inclined drilling and curvature control, which increases economic efficiency of directional drilling.

keywords Curved water-shutoff drill pipe string, inclined well, profile, inclination angle, centralizer, float BHA, centralizer rat hole

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