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ArticleName Lightweight support types for reinforcement of mining openings adjacent to shafts in salt rocks
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.05.07
ArticleAuthor Alymenko D. N., Soloviev V. A., Aptukov V. N., Kotlyar E. K.

Galurgiya, Perm, Russia:

D. N. Alymenko, Director of Science, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
V. A. Soloviev, Chief Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
V. N. Aptukov, Chief Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Uralkali, Berezniki, Russia:
E. K. Kotlyar, Technical Director


Conventional support type for mine openings near mine shafts in salt rocks is concrete lining. Long-term instrumental monitoring of lining in underground excavations and adjacent rock mass in mines of the Upper Kama potash salt deposit and in the diamond mines of Mirny Mining and Processing Plant show that concrtete fails in 10–20 years of operation. Support damage at intersections in mines leads to halt of mine shafts for basic repair, with removal of concrete lining. Adjacent salt rock mass keeps stability after removal of damaged concrete lining, and mine openings repaired and reinforced by lightweight yielding support operate successfully for a long time (30–40 years). At the same time, there is a contradiction. According to the Construction Norms and Regulations, the intersections of mine shafts with horizontal openings and stopes should be reinforced with rigid support for a length of 30–50 m, and later on, after 10–20 years of operation, the concrete lining can be removed and replaced by the yielding support. The authors have evaluated expediency of lightweigth support types—rock bolting and/or yielding frames—at junctures in mines. The conclusions are based on the results of long-term instrumental monitoring of adjacent rock mass and mathematical modeling of rock mass stress state in ANSYS.

keywords Salt rocks, shaft junctures, two-layer yielding support, monitoring, mathematical modeling, foamed polystyrene

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