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ArticleName Intensification of flotation of technogenic gold-containing raw materials with the application of a modified foamer
DOI 10.17580/or.2019.02.03
ArticleAuthor Tusupbaev N. K., Rulev N. N., Semushkina L. V., Narbekova S. M.

JSC «Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Beneficiation», Satbayev University (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan):

Tusupbaev N. K., Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Semushkina L. V., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Narbekova S. M., Researcher

Institute of Biocolloid Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine):

Rulev N. N., Head of Department, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor,


The paper presents the results of laboratory studies on the possibility of processing gold-containing tailings generated in the flotation concentration of ores from the Bestobe deposit using a microemulsion of a modified MP frother obtained in an air-water microemulsion generator. The MP frother differs from the basic T-92 frother by its oligomeric structure. The water-air microemulsion generator enables significantly speeding up flotation recovery of fine particles with relatively large bubbles, generated by the flotation machine. The physical and chemical properties of the modified MP frother, proposed to increase the flotation concentration efficiency and reduce the loss of gold with tailings during flotation, are studied in comparison with the basic T-92 frother. It is established that the MP consumption in flotation is seven times lower as compared with that of the traditional T-92 frother. The use of preliminary reground original tailings and a microemulsion of the modified MP frother, obtained in an airwater microemulsion generator, allows increasing the gold grade in the concentrate and its recovery into the concentrate. The gold grade in the concentrate increases from 16.3 g/t (under the basic conditions) to 28.2 g/t. Gold recovery into the concentrate increases from 22.54 % to 44.92 %.

keywords Gold-containing tailings, combined microflotation, water-air microemulsion, concentrate, recovery

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