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ArticleName Elasticity modulus steel-cable rubber conveyor belts
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.04.16
ArticleAuthor Sheshko E. E., Atakulov L. N.

College of Mining, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia

E. E. Sheshko, Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Navoi State Mining Institute, Navoi, Uzbekistan
L. N. Atakulov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Open pit mines widely use belt conveyors of both conventional and special designs in curved paths of haulage routes. Efficient and failure-free operation of such conveyors needs calculation of the curve radii, diameters of drive, by-pass and bend pulleys, as well as parameters of mounting and tensioning equipment while all of them are governed by the belt elasticity modulus. It is known that the belt elasticity modulus depends on the belt tension. Maximum operating tension is lower than strength of belts. Thus, it seems to be interesting to determine how the elasticity moduli of rods, cables and belt depend on the belt tension. The authors have implemented experimental research to calculate longitudinal and transverse elasticity moduli of belts. The obtained data allow predicting at certain accuracy parameters of steel-cable rubber bets in different conditions of operation. The experimental determination of the longitudinal and transverse elasticity moduli of steel-cable rubber belts were carried out in the Central Laboratory at the Navoi Machine Building Plant of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company, Uzbekistan. It is known that the Company has installed the world’s largest high-angle conveyor KNK-270 in an open pit for the first time in the post-Soviet area. The studies were aimed to improve reliability and extend the life of the belt. From the test evidence, for the steel-cable rubber belts of grade 2000St-5400, the longitudinal and transverse elasticities are (2÷1.56)·1010 and 1.55·108 Pa, respectively. Mischoice of these parameters results in admissible stresses and deformation of belts, which causes unstable motion, early wear and tear of belts.

keywords Steel-cable rubber belt, longitudinal and transverse elasticity moduli, experiment, cable, wire, deformation, load

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