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ArticleName Influence of hold-down on operability and basic parameters of high-angle pressure belt conveyor
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.04.15
ArticleAuthor Sheshko E. E.

College of Mining, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

E. E. Sheshko, Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Evaluation of high-angle belt conveyor parameters, though generally the same, has some distinctions from conventional belts. In this connection, safe belt performance calculations become of high concern. Special attention should be given to evaluation of the down-hold required to keep the load on the belt since this force influences power input of the system, contact voltages in the pressure belt cover and, to a certain extent, loading exerted on the whole conveying system. The studies into the belt stress state in the linear branch of the high-angle conveyor shows that the belt stress state is complex and depends on the belt properties, tension and hold-down. The down-hold is evaluated for the high-angle pressure belt conveyors with a capacity more than 3000 t/h and angles more than 30°. It is shown the high-capacity pressure belt conveyors with high angles experience additional side pressure on the belt, and balancing this side pressure needs to increase hold-down. If not, inadmissible deformation and stresses arise in the pressure belt, which results in the redistribution of loads between the belt and higher load on the haulage belt. The consequences are spills, shorter life and even tear of the haulage belt. The incremental downhold over the design value should be such that the main parameters remain the same or change insignificantly.

keywords High-angle pressure belt conveyor, capacity, hold-down value, deformation, stress, spills

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