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Название Comparative analysis of methods for contactless diameter measuring for precise tubes with extra thin walls
Автор I. N. Bazhukov, An. V. Serebryakov, Al. V. Serebryakov, S. I. Parshakov
Информация об авторе

Pervouralsk New Tube (Novotrubny) Works (Pervouralsk, Russia):

I. N. Bazhukov, Leading engineer-researcher, the group of new types of tubes for nuclear power industry, e-mail: ivan.bazhukov@chelpipe.ru
An. V. Serebryakov, Cand. Eng., Head of he group of new types of tubes for nuclear power industry, e-mail: andrey.serebryakov@chelpipe.ru


Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
Al. V. Serebryakov, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof.
S. I. Parshakov, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof.


In the paper two methods of non-contact measuring of the pipe outer diameter along the entire length – ultrasonic measuring on the ROTA-25 and laser measuring on the ACDT (machine for Automatic Control the Diameter of the Tubes) are consider. The equipment specifications of these measuring units are described. The results of measuring the pipe outer diameter on them are presented. The results of studies of the measurement repeatability (test–retest reliability) on each measuring units and their measurement reproducibility among themselves are presented. It was found that the ROTA-25 in comparison with ACDT provides higher measurement repeatability (test–retest reliability) of the pipe outer diameter in repeated measurements, regardless of the pipe feeding direction into the measuring unit. It is also shown that the measuring the pipe outer diameter on the ROTA-25 provides a higher control completeness in the circumferential direction. While ACDT provides diameter control in only two cross perpendicular planes. This is due to the fact confirmed by the studies that the values of the pipe outer diameter obtained by measuring at the ACDT are always between the values of the minimum and maximum outer diameter obtained at the ROTA-25. Thus, it is guaranteed that, provided that the results of measuring of the pipe outer diameter at the ROTA-25 meet the requirements, compliance with the same requirements by measuring at the AKDT during the input control at the customer is also ensured.

Ключевые слова Thin-walled pipe, diameter measuring, non-contact measuring, laser measuring, ultrasonic measuring, measurement repeatability (test–retest reliability), measurement reproducibility
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