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ArticleName On operation of electrical equipment
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2019.03.12
ArticleAuthor Tikhonov V. A.

Inzhiniring Stroitelstvo Obsluzhivanie, Department of Electrical Support and Power Engineering, Bratsk, Russia:

V. A. Tikhonov, Director of the Department, e-mail:


This paper looks at ways to ensure efficient maintenance of electrical equipment and transformers used in 10–220 kV power supply systems in aluminium industry. A testing procedure is applied to high-voltage cable lines to accurately define the operating parameters. The test data are stored in a special programme designed as an Excel-based automation tool. As the method is based on the use of standard software, it helps arrange for data acquisition, storage and analysis at reasonable cost. These systems have high server capacity and can store sufficient amounts of data during the entire life of the electrical equipment. Additionally, a mechanism was developed that saves the test protocols in the database by copying the protocol files into it, which helps optimize the data analysis time and make the test data more efficient. The developed method allows to monitor the development of winding defects. The paper contains curves showing how minor and medium repairs are related to the equipment service life. The analysis showed that the most common types of work include minor and medium preventative maintenance operations. The introduction of a new maintenance system helped optimize the total maintenance time. When applied together, the two optimized methods help improve the reliability of high-voltage equipment used in electrical power supply systems of aluminium electrolysis sites.

keywords Efficient maintenance, analysis, data acquisition, high-voltage cable line, online maintenance system

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