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Metal Science and Metallography
ArticleName Hydrogen atoms in steel
ArticleAuthor T. Hickel, D. Ponge, M. Rohwerder, J. Neugebauer, D. Raabe

Max-Plank Institute for Iron Research (Düsseldorf, Germany):

T. Hickel, e-mail:

D. Ponge

M. Rohwerder

J. Neugebauer

D. Raabe


Local hydrogen distribution in microstructure of high-strength steel can be hardly revealed, but it can have a negative effect on steel properties. Owing to the combination of the modern tools for simulation and determination of parameters, the Max-Plank Institute for Iron Research (MPIE) operates for solving of this problem. MPIE lately succeeded in combination of Kelvin probe with atomic power microscope (SKPFM method) in order to restrict experimentally the areas of microstructure where hydrogen atoms are enriching. Pd-layer evaporation on steel is the decisive idea in this project; this layer absorbs hydrogen from steel as a sponge. Hydrogen activity in Pd layer can be measured with temporary resolution after sensitive calibration. In such way hydrogen distribution in the structure with austenite and ferrite can be determined.

keywords Hydrogen, high-strength steels, austenite, ferrite, microstructure, evaporation

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