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Preparation of Raw Materials
ArticleName New raw materials for the iron and steel industry
ArticleAuthor A. Babich, D. Senk

RWTH — Rhein-Westfalia Technical University (Aachen, Germany):

A. Babich, Dr. Eng., Prof., Dept. of Ferrous Metallurgy (IEHK), e-mail:
D. Senk, Dr. Eng., Dept. of Ferrous Metallurgy (IEHK)


Application of novel materials for hot metal and sponge iron production — renewable and secondary energy sources as well as unconventional forms of coal, coke and iron burden – can be considered as short and mid-term measures to mitigate climate and resources trends. To radically counteract these challenges, intensive use of hydrogen starting with available hydrogen-containing media such as original and reformed natural and coke oven gases or coalbed methane, over pure hydrogen produced e. g. by electrolysis, photo-catalysis or membrane processes, up to plasma hydrogen etc. will be unavoidable in future. The IEHK is designing and creating a new lab for systematic study on application of hydrogen and hydrogen-containing synthetic and other media as well as bio-based sources in existing and new processes for iron extraction. New technologies enabling the extraction of multiple metals from ores or even from rocks such as basalt containing e. g. Si, Al, Fe, Mg, Ca and other elements will probably be developed. The IEHK is working on the development of new methods, technologies and aggregates for the multivalent integrated use of various primary and secondary raw materials.

keywords Raw materials, biomass, coke nut, charge, anthracite, grain size, fraction, coke, coal, pyrolysis, plastic, blast furnaces, pellets

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