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ArticleName Analysis of gearing-up devices for high-speed diamond bit drilling of long exploration holes
DOI 10.17580/em.2018.02.07
ArticleAuthor Sklyanov V. I., Eremenko V. A., Kondratenko A. S., Timonin V. V.

Norilsk State Industrial University, Norilsk, Russia:

Sklyanov V. I., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Chair for Mineral Mining


National University of Science of Technology — MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

Eremenko V. A., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Director of Research Center for Applied Geomechanics and Converging Mining Technologies,


Chinakal Institute of Mining, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia:
Kondratenko A. S., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Director
Timonin V. V., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Deputy Director


In long-hole drilling the rate of penetration reduces as in this case much more energy is consumed to rotate drill strings, vibrations and oscillations of drill strings are higher, and drill pipes which often operate at rim of abilities break more frequently. All that implies that a drill string is a low-efficient transmitter of energy from drill rigs to bottomhole, especially in long-hole drilling with diamond bits. It is possible to intensify rock drilling process by placing mechanical energy generator at bottomhole. To this effect hydraulic motors and electric drills are currently available. However, hydraulic motors need high discharge pressure, while rotation speed of drill bits and drilling fluid flow rate are difficult to control and adjust. In case of electric drills, delivery of electric energy to bottomhole is complicated. All these constraints are overcome with the help of mechanical transmission represented by a bottomhole multiplying gear capable to speed-up diamond drill bits several times as against the drill string rotation.

keywords Drilling tool, bottomhole, multiplying gear, hole, diamond bit, rotation speed, core drilling

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Full content Analysis of gearing-up devices for high-speed diamond bit drilling of long exploration holes