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ArticleName Improvement of drum shearer coal loading performance
DOI 10.17580/em.2018.02.06
ArticleAuthor Nguyen Khac Linh, Gabov V. V., Zadkov D. A.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

Nguyen Khac Linh, Post-Graduate Student
Gabov V. V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Zadkov D. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


The article discusses improvement of broken coal loading on armored face conveyor by tailgate drum of a shearer in the course of fully mechanized coal mining. The scope of the analysis covers coal flow in the zone of coal–pick interaction, axial displacement between vanes, passive removal from the drum to the conveyor as well as coal flow formation on the conveyor. The features and constraints of coal flow in each zone are discussed. It is shown that the highest influence on the coal loading efficiency is exerted by the drum and conveyor spacing, discharge window size and the face side height of the conveyor. The discharge window coefficient is introduced. It is pointed at the required reduction in the coal flow resistance by increasing the cross-section area of the discharge window and the volume of coal loading zone on the conveyor. The discharge window cross-section area is increased by implementing the proposed integrated engineering solutions, in particular, conical drum web, ranging arm frame structure and decreased depth of cross-section of the supporting beam. The accepted new design enables increasing maximum loading capacity of the shearer tailgate drum, decreasing dust formation and coal fineness in the process of coal removal from cutting zone and loading on conveyor, as well as reducing energy consumption.

keywords Coal, longwall face, shearer, drum, loading, armored face conveyor, efficiency

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