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Rolling and other metal forming processes
ArticleName Dillimax strip steel opens new opportunities for lifting equipment
ArticleAuthor W. Holbling

AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke (Dillingen, Germany):

W. Hölbling, Dr. Eng., e-mail:


AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke is the largest European producer of heavy plates, and it expanded again its dimension range of strip product, including there previously impossible thicknesses with relevant quality. Heavy plate DI-MC from S355 and S460 steels can be manufactured at present time with thickness 150 mm via thermomechanical rolling. High-strength steel Dillimax are now also acceptable with higher thickness and better quality. It is described that ALE, the leading international company in the field of transporting and lifting equipment, is mainly oriented on steel grades provided by Dillinger for their manufacturing processes. It is caused by the proven experience that Dillimax steels provide optimal functional parameters and excellent reliability of different equipment, e.g. of the largest worldwide ground crane AL.SK350 with very large lifting capacity (4,300 t), as well as of the modular lifting system Mega Jack (5,200 t).

keywords Lifting cranes, lifting capacity, high-strength steels, Dillimax, heavy plates
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