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Rolling and other metal forming processes
ArticleName New technological line for intensive strip cooling under high pressure
ArticleAuthor M. Moninger, Ch. Matten, A. Gaganov, E. Schaffnit

Primetals Technologies (Erlangen, Germany):

M. Monninger, Special Engineer, e-mail:


thyssenkrupp Steel Europe (Duisburg, Germany):
Ch. Matten, Senior Engineer, Automation Dept., Hot strip mill No. 2
A. Gaganov, Dr., Senior Engineer, Hot rolling mill No. 2
E. Schaffnit, Senior Engineer, Research and Development


The new cooling model allows to achieve better precision of adjusting and more narrow allowances for temperature. The cooling system can be adjusted in flexible mode for corresponding steel grade to provide higher uniformity of material properties. At present time thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AF manufactures almost half of all products with more intensive (by three times) cooling in comparison with laminar procedure, and it allows to expand substantially dimension range of manufactured products. In addition, the new Power Cooling concept off ers new and better opportunities for quality improvement of strip surface due to its symmetric cooling features. The modern system of efficient cooling makes it possible to produce high-strength steels that have been previously manufactured via the technological route including water heat treatment directly after hot rolling using pre-rolling heating. The new cooling system is characterized by the following advantages: saving of expenses, improvement of properties, reducing of carbon dioxide emissions with consequent optimization of environment protection.

keywords Wide hot strip mill, cooling, water, pressure, pump, highstrength steels, properties, dimension range, uniformity
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