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Continuous casting and foundry production
ArticleName Application of fabrication technology for metal phosphate binders, core sands and moulding mixtures on their base
ArticleAuthor I. E. Illarionov

Chuvash State University (Cheboksary, Russia):

I. E. Illarionov, Dr. Eng., Prof, Head of the Chair “Metal science and metallurgical processes”, e-mail:


At present time in many foundries in Russia, synthetic resins and various their hardeners, which are characterized by endogenicity, toxicity and high gas content, are used as binders that are hardenable during heat treatment, and as cold fi ttings to make cores and moulds. Liquid glass and phosphate binders are widely used as inorganic binders. However, liquid glass has a low thermal resistance and provides a difficult knockout of cores and moulds. The authors have conducted the research on development of metal phosphate binders and mixtures for cores and moulds production on their basis during fabrication of cast iron and steel castings. The phosphate systems P2O5 – Al2O3 – H2O; P2O5 – MgO – H2O; P2O5 – Al2O3 – MgO – H2O and AKhFS aluminochromophosphate binder (according to TU 6-18-166-83, produced by the Aktyubinsk plant of chrome compounds) were used as binders. Synthesis of binders to obtain col-hardened mixtures was carried out via neutralization of orthophosphoric acid by magnesium oxide, aluminum hydrate and other oxides. The paper also presents the results of studies of dependence between density, surface tension, wetting contact angle and binding capacity of metal-phosphate binding ability and their chemical composition. Technological processes were developed for the production of cast iron and steel castings on the basis of the conducted researches, which were tested in production conditions.

keywords Core and moulding cold-hardening mixtures, aluminophosphate, magnesium phosphate, magnesium aluminophosphate, alumochromophosphate binders, strength, heat resistance, ductility, environmental friendliness, quality of castings

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