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Название Optimization of mechanical properties and hardness of cold-worked plates out of 1565ch aluminium alloy
DOI 10.17580/nfm.2017.01.06
Автор Drits A. M., Nuzhdin V. N., Preobrazhenskiy E. V., Eremeev N. V.
Информация об авторе

JSC “Arconic SMZ”, Moscow, Russia:

A. M. Drits, Business Development and New Technologies Director, e-mail: Alexander.Drits@arconic.com
V. N. Nuzhdin, Innovative Technologies manager

Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russia:
E. V. Preobrazhenskiy, Associate Professor
N. V. Eremeev, Associate Professor


In light of ever increasing material requirements for most industrial applications, an ability of a supplier to guarantee a predefined level of aluminium semiproducts’ properties in accordance with each customer’s needs is currently taking a more prominent role in the material selection decisions. In particular, this is true for such type of a product as cold-worked (strain hardened) aluminium plates, for which certain mechanical properties and hardness distribution over the plate’s thickness have to be ensured. The power of modern computing hardware and software allows to accurately resolve the tasks of processing metals by pressure that often imply high level of discretization of a geometric model into finite elements that in their turn determine the number of equations being solved. This paper presents an outcome of a research of the strain hardening process of the plates produced out of 1565ch aluminium alloy that belongs to the 5xxx series high-magnesium group of aluminium alloys. The material has been chosen for the study due to its unique combination of physical and mechanical properties as well as welding and corrosion characteristics that make it possible to use the 1565ch alloy as a structural material for a wide range of applications. The research employed both computer mathematical modeling based on finite-element analysis as well as its in-situ verification on a rolling equipment of Arconic Samara metallurgical plant. Described in the paper are the summarized results of calculation of a considerable number of separate tasks (rolling cases) in the DEFORM software that made it possible to estimate the influence of reduction schedule and other cold rolling process parameters on the final product’s properties. Also presented are the results of experimental rolling trials that have proved validity and accuracy of the finite-element analysis.

Ключевые слова Finite element method, cold rolling, strain hardening, aluminium plates, 1565ch alloy
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