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Tubemaking — RosNITI Achievements
ArticleName Exploration of pipe production technology of high-alloying alloy “TMK-C”
ArticleAuthor I. Yu. Pyshmintsev, A. K. Belomestnov, Ya. I. Kosmatskiy, I. N. Veselov, V. V. Barichko

All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Tube Industry - RosNITI (Chelyabinsk, Russia):

Pyshmintsev I. Yu., Dr. Eng., General Director, e-mail:
Kosmatskiy Ya. I., Cand. Eng., Deputy head of Department of Seamless Tubes, Chief of External Relations Activity, e-mail:
Veselov I. N., Cand. Eng., Head of Ekaterinburg Affiliate
Barichko B. V., Cand. Eng., Head of Laboratory of Drawing and Extrusion


PAO “TMK” (Moscow, Russia):
Belomestnov A. K., Director of Administration for Sales Technical Support


The paper presents the results obtained during the development of pipe production technology Cr-Ni-Mo alloy «TMK-C». Development of technological procedures of manufacturing tubes and socket joints for them required research of the properties of corrosion-resistant alloy «TMKC» in a hot and cold deformation processes. At the same time it required also conducting of the works directed on support of production technology for manufacture of pilot-industrial pipe batches in collaboration with “Gazprom VNIIGAZ”. The article indicates the list of concrete tasks including development and specifi cation of technical requirements for pipes, revealing of technological “bottlenecks” and comparative estimation of quality parameters of the new tube products. Necessity of conducting the works for mastering the technology is substantiated, the technological features of production and related research processes of hot extrusion and cold rolling are briefly discussed. The main technological problems arising in the manufacture and ways of their solving are outlined. Some technological features providing production of pipes in accordance with the requirements of «Gazprom» are displayed. Allowable range of values of of cold deformation degree for the pipes made of alloy «TMK-C» are noted; they facilitate providing of the required tensile strength, yield strength and elongation for the strength group P110. Typical microstructures of hot-extruded and cold-formed pipes made of alloy «TMK-C» are presented.

keywords Technology development, alloy «TMK-C», technological parameters, pilot batch, hot extrusion, cold rolling

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