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Economics and finances
ArticleName European iron and steel industry: hard times
ArticleAuthor K. Hardtke

Ratingen, Germany:

Hardtke K., Freelance journalist, e-mail:


International trade is at present time on the stage of changes: the global economic growth weakens, while competition pressure permanently strengthens (i.e. in the iron and steel industry) and protectionist barriers are higher and higher. Such development of situation creates serious problems for ferrous metallurgy. How to save openness of the markets and create simultaneously the fair conditions for competition? What will be the strategy of WTO (World Trade Organization), European Commission, iron and steel industry of the European Union and steel processing enterprises? The author tries to answer the most actual questions based on analysis of the discussion during the steel conference.

keywords Steel products, iron and steel industry, excessive production, competition, China, trade, prices, export, agreement
Language of full-text russian
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