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Economics and finances
ArticleName To choose correctly direction for moving in the future
ArticleAuthor H. J. Kerkhoff

Steel Instutute of the Union of German Metallurgists (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Kerkhoff H. J., President of “Steel” Economical Union, e-mail:


The current situation in the German and European iron and steel industry and the most actual tendencies are analyzed. At present time we still observe the phase of retarded growth speed of the global economy in general and metallurgy in particular. The basic principles of competition should be saved in the German committee for standards and regulations. Strong relations between iron and steel producers and scientific-research and engineering companies should be developed. The stable value-added products have to be oriented on the development of ferrous metallurgy. Iron and steel industry will integrate new technologies and competencies, support economic and political discussions based of rational approach and business responsibility.

keywords Innovations, patents, conferences, steel, demand, consumption, production facilities, ecology, climate, competitiveness, trade
Language of full-text russian
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