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Automatic and control systems
Название Sustainable variations in the industrial production on the base of Internet
Автор D. Huber
Информация об авторе

ABB Automation GmbH (Mannheim, Germany):

Huber D., President of Process Automation Division Germany, e-mail: redaktion@stahleisen.de


The industry is on the brink of a revolutionary, totally new form of value creation. The ”Internet of Things, Services and People” — also known as ”Industry 4.0” in Germany — will open up new ways to boost productivity in all sectors, including the process industry. All areas of a company — production facilities, automation, inventory management, maintenance, production planning and administration — will be digitalized, and also linked to form cyber-physical systems, thus increasing production performance and flexibility. Those who miss boat today will find themselves fearing that they have lost their competitive edge for tomorrow. In the not too distant future, internet technologies will begin to enter the metals industry, with the potential to revolutionize the entire organization and control of the value creation chain. The German buzz phrase “Industry 4.0” came about in part through the Federal Government’s future project.

Ключевые слова Productivity, management, efficiency, energy supply, ecology, production flexibility, sensors, safety
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