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Rolling and other metal forming processes
ArticleName High-performance tandem cold mill — all-in-one solution for efficient cold rolling
ArticleAuthor Th. Bode, R. Holz, Ch. Schwarz

SMS group (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Bode Th., e-mail:

Holz R.

Schwarz Ch.


SMS group has developed a bunch of new technological solutions, ensuring an even more flexible and economically and ecologically efficient plant. By using the newly developed features, it is possibly to design new plants in a much more high-performance way. An example is the high-performance cold tandem mill, equipped with smaller work rolls resulting in lower investment and operating costs. Further innovative mill features like the newly designed Siemens-HT drive spindle and redesigned mill auxiliaries help to cut investment and operation costs. SMS group supports these requirements by permanently advancing its proven X-Roll rolling technology. The new generation of X-Roll cold rolling mills presents numerous plant technological advancements and innovations, available in new equipment as well as for modernizations. The example presented in this paper is the new high-performance tandem mill with 4-high CVC plus mill stands. In order to fulfil market requirements for increasing portions of high-strength materials with smaller final gauges, the high-performance TCM in CVC plus 4-high design features work roll diameters below 400 mm with consequently low rolling force requirements and reduced investment costs. This new mill configuration will be completed by features like Siemens-HT spindle for work roll drive, ECU (Emulsion Compact Unit) and other redesigned mill auxiliaries to ensure an economical and ecological cold rolling process.

keywords Tandem cold rolling mill, work rolls, diameter, cold roiling, flatness, strip thickness, power, spindles

1. Bode, Т.; Pawelski, H.; Matzka, R.; Zwingmann, L.; Hoen, K.: Mill Design for Economical Production of Stainless Steel and Ultra highstrength Carbon Steel Strip, AISTech, Pittsburgh, USA, 5–8 May 2008.
2. Bode, T.; Pawelski, Η.; Pollastrelli, Α.: Technological aspects of stainless steel inline rolling mills, 3rd European Rolling Conference, Düsseldorf, 16–20 June 2003.

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