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Economics and Finances
ArticleName Steel demand: slight uptake continues
ArticleAuthor H. J. Kerkhoff

«Steel» Economical Union, VDEh Steel Insrtitute (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Kerkhoff H. J., President and CEO,


«Steel» Economical Union presents the forecast of steel demand in 2015. It is predicted that slight restoration of the German steel market will continue, supported by the positive dynamics of development of the most important customing industries and situation with stocks at warehouses. Production of crude steel seems to increase by 1 % up to level 43.3. mln. tons. The main risks are connected with the Chinese export and economical crisis in Russian Federation. The crisis of demand and investments in the European Union is considered to be an unsolved problem also for the steel market. The worse scenario of development has been avoided due to compensating support according to the law of alternating power engineering, but at present time the danger of encumbrance with self industrial power generation appears. Large additional expenses can occur owing to more expensive prices for trading the emission quotes.

keywords Iron and steel production, steel demand, steel markets, stocks, economical crisis, Chinese export, power engineering, emission quotes
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