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Service and Technical Maintenance
ArticleName For the whole lifetime of the plant — more than a service concept
ArticleAuthor P. Tesè, Ch. Häusler

SMS Siemag AG (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Tesè P., Mag. Eng., Division Management Service
Häusler Ch., Mag. Eng., Division Management Service

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Abstract: Both as a full-service supplier and as an individual service provider — the whole range is covered, in accordance with the slogan “Exactly what you need”. Our experience is based on over 100 years of intensive research and development serv-ing the metallurgical industry. As specialists, we are fully familiar with every type of plant component, from steelmaking to the fi nished strip. To deal successfully with all challenges, we at SMS guarantee full technical support, from the sales phase to erection and operation and onwards to maintenance and beyond, and always with the aim of extending the service life of a plant. Today, therefore, the plantmaker’s service model is a decisive factor in the awarding of contracts. This is because it is often the soft skills which make that fi ne, but crucial distinction when deciding between competitors. Of foremost importance here is partnership, which must always be experienced on a day-to-day basis and extends much further than the mere delivery of the plant.

keywords Service, technical maintenance, research and development, contracts, competition, delivery
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