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Coating and Surface Treatment
ArticleName M. Nцrtesheuser, J. Brandenburger, K. Jonker, A. Kogler, M. Krдtzner, W. Mimahl, G. Moninger, S. Schultz, S. Wiesemann. Surface inspection systems for steel products

Surface inspection systems (SIS) have been used for years in various production stages by all of the leading steel manufacturers. They are now a tightly integrated tool for monitoring the surface quality of steel products and support quality assurance and process optimization. The Steel Institute VDEh’s working group “Surface Inspection” has identifi ed human resources for the optimal care of surface inspection systems in the context of an empirical study on seven member companies. The study provides for the first time a realistic assessment of the actual capacity requirements and provides a planning guide for new investments in SIS and for the management of companies using SIS. The results that has been received by the research group during investigation has displayed that only one CIS expert is required for efficient simultaneous operation of two systems. Additionally, optimal working parameters are provided for a long time.

keywords Surface inspection systems, steel products, quality assurance, investments, human resources, working parameters
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