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Coating and Surface Treatment
ArticleName Optimization of the coil coating process via drying by infrared rays
ArticleAuthor M. Angerstein

GoGaS Goch GnbH & Co. KG (Dotrmund, Germany):

Angerstein M., Mag. Eng.,


The convective drying aggregates have been mainly used for drying of coated steel strip until present time. It is shown that long drying lines are mostly required for reaching of drying temperatures that are required by the coating technologies, and they are often not in operation. If coated steel strip have to be subjected to additional cooling in accordance to the conditions of technological process, additional problems connected with production site appear, because the cooling area is usually longer than drying area. Usage of corresponding drying units for infrared drying can decrease essentially the length of these areas as well as power consumption.

keywords Coil coating, infrared coating, steel strip, cooling, drying, production area, power consumption
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