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Iron and steelmaking
ArticleName Challenges to European steel industry from the custoner’s perspective
ArticleAuthor A. Hauger, T. Vietoris, V. Bentfeld

Benteler Steel/Tube GmbH (Paderborn, Germany):

Hauger H., Dr. Eng., CEO
Vietoris T., Dr. Eng., Head of Developmenmt Dept.
Bentfeld V., Mag. Sc., Technical Assistant

E-mail (common):


High-grade materials with consistent quality, efficiently and cost-effectively produced, including the customer’s needs at the best — these challenges have to be faced by the steel industry and the steel processing industry. Situation at the global market since 1970 till 2013 is analyzed. The factors influencing the supplier selection are displayed. The example of improvement potential is presented by the large dimension allowances for hot-rolled strip thickness that can cause quality problems at the following processing stages, e.g. in welded tube production. In addition, it seems expedient also to improve surface quality in order to provide quality optimization. The method of defect tracking is also examined; it is based on additional testing technology with forming of QR codes that will be recognized by customers. Two principal tasks to be solved for further successful development in this field are forming the strong belief basement between the suppliers and customers as well as innovative way for manufacture innovative products. Therefore, the main recommendation is to provide narrow collaboration between the European steelmaking industry and its customers, because only strong relations with metal working can lead to improve quality of products and to manage the superfluous production facilities.

keywords Steelmaking industry, quality improvement, steel processing, defect tracking, QR codes, steel strip, innovations


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