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Steel as material
ArticleName Special steel meets the requirements for high-precision components
ArticleAuthor G. Olschewski

Steeltec AG (Emmenbrücke, Switzerland):

Olschewski G., Head of Quality and Development Managemment, e-mail:


Steeltec AG company tries to achieve the preventive method of special steel quality checking and assurance. The equipment made from continuously improved materials together with new technologies, techniques and testing methods make the base for providing better solutions for steels and minimization of possible mistakes. The company developed Quality Function Deployment system for quality improvement based on responses from customers, and FMEA analysis of the process mistakes. These innovations help to undertake the aimed measures for correction of manufactured processes and components, e.g. made of ETG100 high-strength special steel.

keywords Special steels, quality control, high-precision components, feedback, process analysis, preventive measures
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