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Steel as material
ArticleName Bainite steel Swissbain-7MnB8 provides lowering of production expenses
ArticleAuthor S. Hasler

Swiss Steel AG (Emmenbrücke, Switzerland):

Hasler S., Manager Research & Development, e-mail:


The enterprises that are specialized in cold metal forming technologies are permanently meeting the challenges concluding in necessity of efficient fabrication of the components. Conventionally used steel has to be subjected to annealing and consequent heat treatment in order to meet strict requirements in workability and strength. The new developed Swissbain-7MnB8 steel is characterized by high strength combined with good ductility; it does not need additional heat treatment and has less production expenses. Manufacturing technology of this steel is observed, starting from its melting in the 80t electric arc furnace.

keywords Bainite steels, heat treatment, annealing, strength, workability, melting, cold metal forming
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