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Power Engineering and Environment Protection
ArticleName Dark sides of the decisions connected with the policy aimed on prevention of negative climate changes
ArticleAuthor K. Hardtke

Ratingen, Germany:

Hardtke K., Freelance Journalist, e-mail:


In the end of October 2014, European Union has presented the main basements of its policy aimed on climate protection from harmful affect of anthropogenous and technogenous parameters until 2030. It will be followed by the top international meeting on climate in Paris in 2015, that will formulate further indicators of the climate policy, prospective political directions in the area of climate protection and selling quotas on harmful emissions. It will have a large importance for providing competitive ability and investing perspectives for German and European iron and steel industry. The main problem that was discussed during the meeting in Düsseldorf by experts and politicians was how to develop the efficient climatic policy, to sell the quotes for harmful emissions in the environment and at the same time to provide competitive forces of European steel producers.

keywords Environment protection, harmful emissions, climatic policy, political directions, competition ability, quotes
Language of full-text russian
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