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Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Usage of compressed air without oil in production of reinforced steel bars
ArticleAuthor H. Härter

CompAir Drucklufttechnik - Gardner Denver Deutschland GmbH (Simmern, Germany):

H. Härter, Man. Eng., Managing Director Sales Division Central Europe, e-mail:


Germany is able to manufacture stall of general usage with competitive price. Badische Stahlwerke (BSW) company confirms this conclusion; it has made investments in the up-to-date wire rod mill for resource-saving and power-efficient production of reinforced bars. Providing of the new rolling mill with compressed air using 5 compressors Quantima that realized innovative compression principle can be taken as an example; it allows to obtain up ro 250 m3/min of compressed air without oil. This rolling mill is under operation during several months, but optimization of operation conditions and procedures is still continuing. The results of operation of course should be accumulated and analyzed, but the first experience displayed that efficiency rate of the new compressors is rather high. In addition, they are more efficient from the point of view of technical maintenance based on the complex Q-Pack package. Compressing station is designed in such way that two additional compressors Quantama can be installed without serious reconstruction in the case when increase of production volume is announced.

keywords Wire rod rolling mills, reinforced bars, compressors, compressed airs, oil, technical maintenance, power efficiency
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