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Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Strongly diversifying product mix in heavy plate rolling - a challenge in logistics
ArticleAuthor H. Busch

AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke (Dillingen, Germany):

Busch H., Dr., Mag. Math., Head of Rolling Mill Logistics, Heavy Plate Mill Shop, e-mail:


The complexity of product mix in heavy plate mill is increasing more and more. Today we have a strongly diversifying production program with fast and frequent changes. The in-house production depth is increasing and the customer demands concerning product quality and delivery times are raised. This development poses major challenges in logistics. The objective of Dillinger Hütte is maximizing the through-put in consideration of these new boundary conditions and with respect to constant high quality level and delivery reliability. It can be concluded that more and more strict requirements are formulated for technological processes at heavy plate rolling mills. Their dimension range is being more wide and various, while large metal parties are met more rarely. As well, complicated character of heavy plates fabrication increases. It means cutting, shearing, control, warehousing, planning of finishing operations, transportation and intermediate storage at all technological steps. From other side, the customers demand increase of processing depth, decrease of supply time, operational flexibility, quality improvement. The developed technical solution - so-called "logistic toolbox" - includes the most perfect at present time adapted technology that is expanding permanently in accordance with market and production requirements.

keywords Heavy plate mill, logistics, dimension range, finishing, shearing, transportation, storage, supply time, operational flexibility
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