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Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Comparison of drive shaft design concepts for rolling mill main drives
ArticleAuthor B. Schlecht, H. Graneβ, J. Mackel

Technical University Dresden (Dresden, Germany):

Schlecht B., Dr. Eng., Prof., Institute of Machine Elements and Machine Construction
Graneβ H., Mag. Eng., Institute of Machine Elements and Machine Construction, e-mail:


Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG (Heidenheim, Germany):
Mackel J., Dr. Eng.


Universal joints and slipper joints are used to compensate shaft offset between drives and rollers in rolling mills. Although both are based on the same kinematic principle, constructive design distinguishes universal joints from slipper joints, causing differences on many levels. In this regard, a comparison of these drive shafts is drawn in the following. It is shown that universal joints are the best option for lowering of production costs with simultaneous decrease of CO2 emissions, comparing with slipper joint, due to their better efficiency of capacity transmission, in the period of elevating prices for energy carriers. Subsequently, ecological environment and labour protection are improving. Though joint head of slipper joints is characterized by very high specific capacity and good stability in the conditions of peak loads due to its massive construction, it is expedient to use universal joints for rolling mills even in very hard production conditions. It allows to use their advantages completely from economical and environmental poits of view.

keywords Rolling mills, universal joints, slipper joints, main drives, rollers, carbon dioxide emissions, energy efficiency

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