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Iron and steelmaking
ArticleName "Intelligent" technological aggregates are united in the net
ArticleAuthor U. Ratzek

Verlag Stahleisen GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Ratzek U., Chief Editor of "Stahl und Eisen" journal, e-mail:


The access to technological data via Internet communications has confirmed its efficiency also in steelmaking conditions. Connection between up-to-date production units is conducted via complicated automatic structures with decentralized organization that are operating in autonomous mode and supporting on-line connection with each other. It is aimed on consequent increase of flexibility, efficiency of resource usage and ergonomics in production. Cyberphysical systems and Internet make the base of this development. "Intelligent" technological aggregates and units, supplying independently technological data and information about products, are locating just in the beginning. The lectures presented at Stahldialog conference observe the requirements in blast furnace construction in India, information about building and putting the stainless steel plant into operation, improvement of horizontal forging equipment as well as Industry 4.0 challenges and effects in the iron and steel industry.

keywords Production, modernization, stainless steels, automation systems, software, industrial revolution, intelligent systems
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