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Iron and steelmaking
ArticleName SAIL RSP blast furnace No. 5 – building India's largest blast furnace
ArticleAuthor J. Bak, E. Engel

Danieli Corus BV (Ijmuiden Netherlands):

Bak J., Eng., Director Operations
Engel E., Communications and Public Affairs

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Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), operated by the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), was inaugurated in 1959. In 2013, RSP commissioned their blast furnace No. 5 with 4 060 m3 inner volume, now India’s largest. It was built as a turn-key project by a consortium consisting of Danieli Corus and Tata Projects Ltd. (TPL). The new furnace is the key element of an expansion program that doubles the plant’s capacity. Especially under circumstances such as those described, these steps can be taken sustainably by investing in superior, best available technology as well as training of operational as well as maintenance personnel. Current technology allows for greenfield plants to be fitted into tight plot plans and tied in to existing plant logistics without problems. However, technology development may be beneficial for this process when equipment such as hot blast systems and gas cleaning systems would become more compact rather than allow for increasingly complicated connection and tie-ins. The perspectives for the Indian economy are promising for the medium and longer turn and more, similar projects can be expected where the lessons learned will prove their value in design as well as construction. In many other developing economies in the region, greenfield projects are expected on the slightly longer term, mostly without the brownfield aspects of those in India.

keywords Blast furnace, production expanding, lining, designing, construction, logistics, greenfield plant, gas cleaning, India
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