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Meeting the 70th Anniversary of the Victory
ArticleName The armoured tank museum of «Uralvagonzavod» Scientific and Production Corporation
ArticleAuthor A. V. Pislegina, Yu. V. Kolmakova

«Uralvagonzavod» Scientific and Production Corporation:

Pislegina A. V.
Kolmakova Yu. V.

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The Armoured Tank Museum is a component of the Exhibition Complex of «Uralvagonzavod» Scientific and Production Corporation and presents the history of designer’s ideas and evolution process of medium and basic tanks. It was established in 1986, according to the order of V. K. Sotnikov, the General Director of «Uralvagonzavod», and was devoted to 50th anniversary of this enterprise. The museum exposition contains 8 historical and thematical directions covering the history of creation of armoured technics since the end of 1920-ies till present time. More than 1,000 exponates are presented, among them samples of tank armour, shells, tank components, observation sensors, shooting control systems, rare books, movies, pictures etc. Pre-WWII section is devoted to activity of the Construction Bureau of Kharkov Steam Locomotive Works, and, since the Autumn 1941, after evacuation of this enterprise to Ural region - to the history of designing the military machines at Uralvagonzavod as a successor of the Ukrainian tank builders.

keywords Uralvagonzavod, tanks, armoured technics, museum, history
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