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Development of metallurgy in Russia and CIS
75th anniversary of Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works — “EVRAZ NTMK” JSC
Название Improvement of construction of blast furnace tuyeres at Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works – “EVRAZ NTMK” JSC
Автор Yu. S. Maksimenko, B. S. Tleugabulov
Информация об авторе

Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works – “EVRAZ NTMK” JSC (Nizhniy Tagil, Russia):

Maksimenko Yu. S., Senior Operator of Charge Feeding of the Blast Furnace Shop


Nizhniy Tagil Technological Institute, a branch of the Ural Federal University (Nizhniy Tagil, Russia):
Tleugabulov B. S., Cand. Eng., bstz10@mail.ru


The paper observes the effect of air tuyere construction of a blast furnace on the process of mixing and burning completeness for pulverized coal fuel in the framework of oxidizing area. It is shown that varying of tuyere diameter does not provide the required homogeneity of combined blowing. Increase of air flow turbulence leads to acceleration of chemical reaction process, redistribution of gas and air across the tuyere cross section, rise of mixing intensity between gas and pulverized coal fuel (from one side) and blowing (from other side). It is noted that air feed in the peripheral areas of the tuyere is accompanied by increase of turbulence and essential improvement of mixing. It was suggested to improve the tuyere construction via adding of a swirl nozzle in its channel. This improvement provides expanding of “oxidizing agent — reducing agent” contact surface and enlargement of diffusion ratio.

Ключевые слова Blast furnace, air tuyere, blowing, pulverized coal fuel, burning, turbulence, swirl nozzle, mixing, burning
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