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ArticleName Strategies of technical maintenance for hot rolling mills
ArticleAuthor J. Corts, A. Corts

Corts Engineering GmbH & Co. KG (Remsheid, Germany):

Сorts J., Mag. Eng.


Josua Corts Sohn GmbH & Co. KG (Remsheid, Germany):

Сorts A., Bach. Eng.

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It is discussed in the paper that the rolling facilities in the countries with high level of salaries are in the position under serious pressure about necessity to cut operation expenses comparing with rolling facilities in the Far East region. The authors have shown the new approach for solving this problem on the example of ArcelorMittal works in Galati (Romania) and Temirtau (Kazakhstan). It was confirmed that downtimes, breakage of bearings, low quality of rolled products can be avoided even at old rolling mills. The specialists from Corts company have proposed and realized the new concepts and strategies of technical repair and maintenance of rolling equipment: reactive maintenance (solving arising problems) and prophylactic maintenance (aimed maximally on prevention of breakages and downtimes). These strategies were based on detailed measurements (including 3D), fixation of the results and their comprehensive analysis. Afterwards, concrete practical recommendations for prophylactic repair and maintenance of separate components of rolling equipment gave been formulated and put into practice. As a result, the key performance indicators, such as delay time, wearing intensity, strength and precision have been seriously improved.

keywords Rolling mills, repair, technical maintenance, quality of products, downtimes, breakage, wear resistance, 3D measurements, prophylactic works


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