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Iron and Steelmaking
ArticleName Jet Process for maximum flexibility in the use of raw materials to the converter
ArticleAuthor G. Wimmer, K. Pastucha, E. Wimmer, A. Fleischanderl

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH (Linz, Austria):

Wimmer G., Dr., Head of Technology Converter Steelmaking, e-mail:
Pastucha K., Mag. Eng., Expert Special Converter
Wimmer E., Dr., Expert Simulations
Fleischanderl A., Dr., Vice President, Technology Steelmaking & Eco Solutions


The Jet Process offers a solution for operating converters with up to 100% scrap and direct reduced iron. This enables operators of melt shops to respond to raw material supply bottlenecks and exploit short-term price fluctuations. The solution consists of a bottomblowing converter to blow in oxygen, lime and coal through bottom tuyères and a hot blast lance for efficient post combustion. The Jet Process can either be implemented as a new installation or retrofitted in existing plants in a modular fashion. The main technological parameters of Jet Process (coal injection, scrap amount, CO additional burning degree, heat transfer, yield, energy carriers’ consumption, emissions) are compared with the same conventional parameters for basic oxygen converter and electric arc processes. This comparison displays that Jet Process allows to increase essentially the part of scrap or sponge iron in charge material. Therefore, Jet Process becomes efficient in the case of low prices for scrap and sponge iron or decrease of investments and emissions. It is mentioned that during last years Siemens VAI has got all required patents and know-how for realization of Jet technology in commercial scale with maximal technological flexibility. At the same time direct injection of carbonizing agent in converter allows to avoid losses during transformations.

keywords Jet Process, basic oxygen converters, electric arc furnaces, scrap, sponge iron, charge materials, bottom blowing, heat transfer, emissions

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