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Continuous Casting
ArticleName Casting simulation using numerical processing becomes more important in steel mills
ArticleAuthor K. Vollrath

Schnitt-Stelle Redaktionsbüro (Aarwangen, Switzerland):

Vollrath K., Mag. Eng., E-mail:


Since the first introduction of software for simulation of casting and solidification of steel, the opinions with respect to their usefulness have been divided. In the meantime, significant progress has been achieved with respect to the degree of maturity of the software as well as regarding the performance of the computer systems used for them. In order to get an idea of the current usefulness of simulation in the daily practice of a steel plant, the author gained first-hand experience by interviewing three application specialists from major French steel companies who were ready to share their related experiences. Outline of the equipment used for continuous casting operations in the steel plant of Ascomètal, one of such steel companies, is presented. Simulation made it possible to establish the mathematical relationship between the bulging of the outer skin of the bloom and the Yamanaka criterion. Analysis of the possible modifications of the continuous casting equipment preventing a bulging of the strand during initial situation and for the cases of use of an elongated mould or installation of an additional support roll below the mould are shown. Main sources of inclusions in cast ingots and the countermeasures taken to minimize their occurrence are analyzed. Melt flow velocity speeds and directions as well as of the temperature profile in a halffilled mould for two different diameters of the runner channel are visualized. Development of the internal defects detected in rolled wire rod using ultrasonic testing (10 MHz) over a time period of seven years is observed. Analysis of the filling process of a flat ingot using simuation software and prediction of macro segregations and the structure of an ingot is done.

keywords Casting simulation, numerical processing, steel solidification, software, ingots, blooms, bulging, strands, moulds, melt flow, internal defects
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